Aug 5, 2010

Aug 5, 2010
it's quite a long...long...time i'm not typing here. just copy n paste few articles that i think can benefit readers n espcially me. bcoz it not means totally copy but also been 'absorbed' bfore 'ditribute' it to others' heart.hehe...juz if i got da opportunity lol...

before dis i promised to story mery about my lectures...lecturers...n my first first days been a 2nd yr student. juz now i got dat oppurtunity (actly paksa diri tls blog niat sbnr nk search info tuk lab rport...hihi)...

dis sem da core subjects are really tough n when i look at the scheduled for da first time...i felt dat da impression was da bad one compared to both sem many many lab....n it really pack. morning classes full...n almost evry wiks we will have 2 lab sessions (means minus 2 free aftrnoon....) then we hve to register IIUM required course-> Leadership class which will take away our 2 hours aftr asar on friday (n luckily we managed to change it to monday aftrnoon...but still minus 1 more free aftrnoon...huhu).. total=we'll only free in 2 aftrnoon...but what makes we happier is no more class on friday aftrnoon like da sem before as we can balik kampung earlier on wikends...hihi

i kept asking myself my becoming lecturers gonna be? they same as the lecturers da sem before... but their name are still not familiar with me...n what make me so nervous is most of them are foreigners... not bcoz they will teach us totally in english...but their 'slang' make me worry...but alhamdulillah...i managed to catch up their lectures after two wiks i keep struggling to differentiate them

one new phenomenon in my class...juz bcoz of one kelantanese prof who treat us really like a univrsity student...unlike other lcturers he will not paste his slide to da class desktop n we need to enjoy his class carefully....instead of write da whole things in his slide and loss attntion to what he said, some of us buzy taking pic of da slides...but still he remind us to study using da books...using own skills...not juz hope evrything clear with da handout....terasa pedas lol!!! hihi... but still enjoying his high-IQ jokes...huhu

 n da most important one in dis sem is NO MIDTERM EXAM anymore..but they'll focus on CAM- continuous assessment method...make my heart beat faster n faster day to day...juz bcoz we gonna hve pop quiz...anytime on saaaddddd! but rationally, it makes me to keep study n study...don't need for da exam juz around da corner.... n da term QUIZ-ORIENTED eliminate da EXAM-ORIENTED one....haha

:: i feel so sleepy rite now n think i better be on bed rite after tired after 8-5.15pm class + meeting (finish at 1140pm)...da most important one i need to wake up earlier 2morrow for 8am bus.... -> gonna go to SK Wira as a faci with my Motivator Team members....tada.... =)

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