Oct 8, 2010

i want more time juz for me alone plez!

Oct 8, 2010
final exam juz around da corner. some lecturers are rushing to finish up their course outline. some are juz done but tutorial session and quizzes are waving their hands towards us. aaaarrrghhhh...... feel like da earth weight is on my shoulder rite now.huhu....

juz finish our hectic week....and surely it'll continue dis wikend....n another hectic life will appeer soon dis monday...wait patiently...hahah. on all dis kebizian...i deserved some times for my self alone. looking at frenz who is non-stop da class...continue soon at da room after class....juz break for their meals...then stay up till 2-3 a.m... make me think alot. why  cann't i be like them?..ohhh surely i cann't. i'm not them ok! me is me! juz me.... 

i deserve sometimes for me to be alone...doing things i like...or making laugh wif frenz... i cann't force myself to be in bz state at all da times.... but still i've to rmmber there r lot of things i need to do... i cann't force my eye to be opened till 2-3am (xceptable for urgent things...huhu)...juz to make my body bcome more weaker on da next monink...sleeping in da class... hurt my lcturers, feeling.... but incoincidentally, i already did that few times b4...esp when  i've to face da sad wif my behaviour rite? huhu

for dis bcoming wik...i feel so scared to face it. see my list above of works to do and quizzes. 
presenting da new bcoming hectic week.....

wikend - carrer talk for leadership session replacement (saturday-230pm)
           - biotech lab (sunday-1030am)
monday- biotech quiz
           - basic medicine chemistry (bmc) quiz
           - submit Immunology lab report
           - submit Fundamental of pharmacology assignment

work in progress - BMC lab report
                        - leadership assignment
                        - tutorials

so many things to do dis wikend...dh la skrg ade IKOD ( IIUM Kuantan Open Day)...mmg survival giler r study tuk jd pmacist nih! full wif challenges...pengorbanan ttp pasti!

:: not mrungut juz luahkn pe kt dlm ati... blogging give me place for myself alone...hihih

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