Sep 24, 2010

pe nk dikesalkan lg...

Sep 24, 2010

gud morning! juz woke up from vry nice sleep...actly not very nice sleep bcoz i woke up wif all da noisy la....
after all da quizzes and also midterm UNGS done, its like an independent day for us. it is like a hectic wik for evry wik. it already alter my biological clock... especially when there is sudden quizzes or 2 or more quizzes in one day...juz like yesterday..(thurs).
almost 17yrs of studying....i think i still need things like dis

actly i unsatisfied wif my quiz pharmaco...i juz noe dat da 2 objctves qs require me to answer as true or false. heard from my frenz dat not only me but also few more frenzs. it showed dat there was unclear info for us. UNSATISFIED!!! soooo worry! how gonna be my carry mark eh? wanna try to see dr. wan dis morning...huhu

x smpat nk bukak buku pn...juz lectures notes jd penyelamat.huhu

and one more thing i noticed dis sem...if there is any quiz on dat day, i will loss attention on da lectures b4 it. not juz me but also my colleagues as few lecturers noticed dis problm too. pity of them...but juz i cann't. soooo SORRY...plz forgive us. i believe dat is da issue dat will arise on da next curriculum review...due to no more midterm exam...replaced by CAM. last minute study still around da corner laaa.... it's like lagu dan irama... x bleh dipisahkn..hehe.

what is ur priority??? choose wisely for ur future...
( cilok pic dr goole images...huhu)

:: i hope today will be better than yesterday... always like dat hopefully. but still believe dat there will be ups and downs in our life...evry one is not perfect.... and we juz planning da best but Allah is da best planner. and there is always da hikmah on everythings happened. =)

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