Mar 31, 2010


Mar 31, 2010
physical pharmacy
da hardest subject in our cos
da killer subject also
many seniors repeat dis sbject
and many of us fail in da midterm
dats why we try so hard dis time 
juz to make it right in its psition....supposely

2hrs sleep last night
shows dat i very worried of dis subject
nvr do like dis 2 other sbjects b4
like i wanna go crazy....

got headache right now
but cannt sleep
juz bcoz i'm not da person 
who can easily sleep in da noon
but once i sleep 
easily angry when with all da distrbnces

pharmaceutical analysis
da day aftr 2morrow....
biochemistry and IT mcq

be patient naniey!
 ALLAH alwez there 
4 u n also 4 others...

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