Feb 22, 2010

Medication Tips

Feb 22, 2010

1. Right Patient

• Make sure the patient’s name is written on the label. 
• Do not share medicines. 
• Store medicines out of reach of small children
• Store medicines for pets separately

2. Right Medicine 

• Read the label to make sure the medicine which is going to be consumed is correct. 
• When getting a new medicine which name is unfamiliar, ask if it is a generic.
• When refilling prescription, make sure that the medicine looks the same as before. If it does not, ask if it is a different brand.
• Put on your eyeglasses and turn on the lights to read label.
• For OTC medicines or supplements, read the ingredients list.
• Know the name of all the medicines prescribed to you. 
• Know what medicines are used for.

3. Right Dose 

• Read the directions on the label.
• Know how many tablets or doses should be taken each day.
• Know how long the medicine should be continued.
• Know the abbreviations for tablespoon and teaspoon.
• Use a medicine measuring cup or spoon for liquid, rather than a household spoon.
• Taking extra medicine is not always better. Always follow the dosage instructions. 

4. Right Route 

• Read the label.
• Make sure you know the proper way to take / use your medicines. 
• Remember that not all tablets should be swallowed.Know if the tablet can be chewed, crushed, dissolved or if it should be swallowed whole.

5. Right Time 

• Follow the label.
• Know if the medicine should be taken at a specific time of day.
• Know if the medicine will interact with food or other medicines.
• Take medicine at the same time each day.
• Know what to do if a dose is missed.

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