Jan 30, 2010

Ikut Kalu Nak Selamat!!!

Jan 30, 2010
medication is important in our life
it brings so many benefits
medication also can bring harm to us
one is -improper way of keeping it....

 nk tau cara yg betul???    

kalu kt rmh kta msti disiplin psl penympanan ubat ni
lbh2 lg kalu ade bdk kecik kt dlm rmh 2

jauhkan dr jangkauan bdk2
tkt color-coated tablet diorg igt smarties or M&M or NIPS kot (my fav)

jgn simpan ubat 
yg xde label 
bleh overdose.....
yg dh lbih tarikh 'use before'
sbab mmg mmbawa kpd mudarat
e.g preparation like eye drop or ear drop must ONLY keep w/in 2 weeks je
lps 2 trus buang je
tkt dpt infection laen plak kn...huhu


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